30th of Jannuary, 2018

Earth after global extinction
Adam is a lost soul, awakened from cryogenic sleep in the distant future. In order to survive he will need to overcome different obstacles in the ruins of an abandoned city. All the while piecing together his terrible past and realizing the future holds even more peril. Amidst ruin and horror, Adam discovers his destiny in this New World.

  • Linear game scenario
  • Third person shooter
  • Solve puzzles to unlock obstacles
  • Stealth
  • Underwater diving

Episode 1
A failed circuit triggers an emergency reanimation of the cryogenic cell. After decades/centuries imprisoned in cryopreservation, Adam finally awakes. No notion of where or when he is. With oxygen levels running desperately low, he uses the nearly depleted energy source to escape. But not to freedom. The city is unfamiliar, dangerous. The world Adam knew is gone.
After a while, the first memories come back to him about the person closest to him - his daughter. Like links of chain - before prison - the last moments of his life start to come out.
He remembers the year 5000.
How the sunrays stream shifted. How it wasn’t enough to synthesize the plants and how fast they died because of it. How soon after all life followed.
Memories of time when comfort and money lost its value. When survival became routine and life - cheaper than food.
He remembers his police work against the raging cannibalism.
He remembers how hard it was to kill a starving unarmed man who was engaged in cannibalism. This caused riots of citizens. Anarchy from people he defended by killing. Adams employers used this situation to make him a scapegoat to hide their own sins. The governors of the government warehouse were stealing food for themselves. Adam took a difficult decision, because he had only two options: to condemn his daughter to starve or become a robber himself.
In this new world of bone and ash Adam finally finds other life. Though the beings examine Adam from afar before approaching.

Inspiration and some hints of Adam Waste
The concept of Adam Waste was inspired by previous our game Grey Phobia. This is the story about the nature catastrophe which causes the extinction of life on the earth and the strongest who manage to adapt in extremal conditions - they become extreme predators. Adam appears in this world traveling through the time locked in a cryo-capsule.
The plot of the game is revealed through the gentle and mysterious hints. These hints cause following game events which involve the personage.
Some hints might seem to be illusory and confusing - it's just the memory flashbacks and haunts of Adam. Although the later plot reveals all the mystery.
There are some parts in the game which you can skip but they may appear to be very important in the game storyline. So, enjoy analyzing the game sights because what you see may not be actually what you understand.

About us
Blackturn Ltd is a company consisting of two enthusiastic game creators:

  • Žygimantas Lukšas - CG designer, programer, animator, music composer.
  • Kęstutis Bučys - web designer, programmer, animator.

Our games

  • Adam Waste [Unofficial beta] - Apocalyptic thriller, 3PS. Based on episodes
  • Runeyana - Hack & Slash RPG, online support
  • Grey phobia - apocalyptic 3PS, Hack & slash, runner, comix
  • Ultramegon [Unreleased] - 3PS, MOBA, Strategy, Tower defence

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